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Dagmar tells the truth. Honest. Real. She gives hopeful ideas that can transform! Dagmar uses scripture with contemporary reference and power.

- Danielle Strickland
Dagmar in Action.png

"Her patience, dedication, attention to detail,

and honest feedback are the signs of a

true educator and a talented artist.

I am so proud to have had the

opportunity to learn from her [and to share

space with her]. Without Dagmar, I never

would have won the BAM! Youth Slam two

times in a row.

- Cassandra Myers, Two time Toronto BAM Youth Slam Winner & 2016 WOWPS Youth Slam Winner
 - Abigail Whitney, Youth participant in the Pan Am                Games Youth Slam

"[Dagmar] helps you fulfill your potential in poetry and challenges you to reach untapped writing. Thank you Dagmar, for being a guide for me and creatively developing the way I think through poetry.”  


"Working with such a talented artist like Dagmar was a fulfilling

experience that opened my eyes

to spoken word and the

immense power that words

can hold.  This workshop demonstrated to me that I didn't have to be afraid of writing 'bad poetry'.  I now recognize that we all have a little poet within us.

- C. Navas, Queen's University 

 - Paul Yoon,  Fluid Youth  Conference

"Our hope was that her piece would

be inspiring, challenging and hit

all the right notes based on that

year’s conference theme.  She did not disappoint! Her performance was everything we hoped for and it turned out to be one of our favourite openers at Fluid.”  

I am left speechless after that

workshop. This is what true art does: heals and inspires. 

- Anonymous, Workshop Participant
 - D. Baptiste,  Music and Visual Artist

The first time I saw Dagmar present one of her pieces, I was quite literally brought to tears. You can tell every word she writes is from the core of who she is and her life experiences. That's why she connects with her audience so well. She peeks into directly to their hearts.  


Dagmar Morgan is a poet of the real, exploring the tribulations of modern life with candour, tenderness and an unflinching faith. Her poems sing with a fierce, unapologetic determination. Like all poets of substance, she is unafraid to contend with the BIG subjects with a keen eye for detail and a deep sensitivity to the contradictions and complexities of the human heart.

Ian French, National Slam Poetry Champion
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