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You, Mother.

It's complicated.

Holidays like today can be challenging for "invisible mothers." The moms who are not seen or acknowledged in traditional ways. It is these women, the foster moms who are standing in the gap for kids and families, the community mentors that step in to lead where there is a space to fill.

The step-moms who are loving kids that come from other people and who love them full time but sometimes only get half time acknowledgement.

It's the moms of children with special needs that have to advocate and create a world that sees their child as valuable, capable and beautiful.

It's the adoptive moms picking up the hands of those left alone.

It's those moms that are doing this thing single-handed and still waking up each morning to do it again.

It's those moms with kids in heaven that do the same.

And for those longing to be moms but who cannot be, who hold reality but also the hope of tiny heartbeat.

It's the moms, who carry the burden of a world where their child is viewed as less because of the colour of their skin.

It's the frontline worker moms that take care of everyone and then, do it some more when they get home.

For those who have hard relationships with their moms, have lost their moms and miss them.

May we see these mothers, their burden, and the way they give and show up and contribute to this world. May we become allies that walk alongside and speak up when it is needed. Thank you beyond flowers and handmade gifts (but also you deserve all of those things).

You call us up.

You are making the future of this world with your bare hands and your bold hearts.

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