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All Connected.

Welp, here we are all in COVID-19 quarantine(ness) for the next while. For some of us it has ramped up worked and stress; for others, it has them financially worried with cancelled gigs and events. We are scrambling to care for family and the elderly, or are on the frontline battling to save people's lives. Still, wherever you find yourself at this moment, I want to send you encouragement and thanks for all you are doing.

I see you.

I hear your heart.

I hold space every day in my prayers for you.

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It's a lot and as we huddle in our homes let's remember we are not alone. We are in actuality more connected now than we were a few weeks ago.

Amongst the aisles of empty shelves, I have begun to see abundance

The abundance of opportunity to connect. At this moment, while standing a metre apart, I could look at a stranger and ask "Isn't this intense? How are you handling it?" Or ask the elderly lady beside me if she found everything she needs. Or the store clerk "Are you coping ok with all this mayhem and over buying?"  "Are you tired yet?"  Or even thanking them for re-stocking the shelves for their work in an intense time.

Now, more than before we can ask these kinds of questions or have these moments and everyone understands why we are asking. No social awkwardness, just people connecting. And I see these blossoms of hope everywhere. People singing from their balconies, djing parties from their bedrooms, live-streaming their living room concerts and sharing resources for free. If you know of something being offered for free throw it in the comments section so we can share!

A flashmob organised to raise morale during Italy's coronavirus crisis in Turin, on March 13, 2020. (Photo: Reuters)

See, the very fact that we are staying home is an act of social unity. Its a total peaceful rebellion, proving we can make a change and make it quickly. When we as people work together peacefully, we can overcome the problems of the world. Our rivers can run clean after just one week of no pollution.  Animals can return to water systems, forests, and we can return to ourselves, as we were meant to be. Connected, working in tandem to create a better world.

Everything is Much More Connected Than We Think

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