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The 'Diamonds' prison ministry.

Diamonds is an empowerment manifesto authored by Dagmar Morgan. What does that mean? Morgan explains, "I wanted to create a work that I could share with  those in the women's prison system. A tactile and tangible tool to empowerment and reflection". 

Through fundraising efforts and an ongoing funding campaign, Dagmar hopes to grow her prison ministry and reach as many women as she can. To illustrate to them the power of faith and self-reflection. Inspiring the sharing of [her]stories in a way that is productive, comforting and soul strengthening. 


The compact, hardcopy has soft craft-paper cover and simple binding, designed to be shared with various institutions that may have restrictions on the types of materials permitted on site. From the content to the design,

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'Diamonds' is the perfect vehicle to bring hope and a voice to what it means to be a woman, to overcome past mistakes and move forward in confidence and faith. 


Follow the link below to donate and become part of the Diamonds Ministry and help Dagmar spread the word to those who need it most and shine a light for them, in what may be their darkest hour. 

- From 'Diamonds' by Dagmar Morgan

" It takes a master to chip away at the darkness,

a trained eye to see a diamond’s worth. 

A hammer shaped like redemption 

To knock the dirt off its shoulders "

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