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Poetry & Writing Offerings from Dagmar Morgan

Dagmar offers valuable online coaching and workshops for every level of writer and artist. Whether it's 1-on-1 coaching or the online poetry workshops for kids & youth! Dagmar is known for creating a safe and engaging atmosphere. Participants leave with tools that are easy to use and apply. You can check the 'Testimonials' page to see reviews of Dagmar's coaching and workshops!

1:1 Writing Sessions

These sessions, done remotely, will focus on the craft of writing along with the art of performance. Using feedback and workshopping, Dagmar provides guidance for great storytelling and communication.

For: all writing levels 

Topics Covered:


Writers Craft

  • Form & Structure

  • Use of imagery and metaphor

  • Hooking your reader 

  • developing your unique voice



  • Breath Work

  • Intonation

  • Use of physical space to enhance performance

  • Use of the body to communicate well

Rate: $45/hour

Online Poetry Guild Workshop for Youth

Oral traditions have roots in many cultures across the world.  In celebration of poetry’s deep connection to all cultures, literacy and community, this workshop was created so that participants can explore the art of spoken word performance.


Students will build up to a spoken word performance in front of their peers. Just like a real poets guild, prizes and feedback will be given. Every participant will leave with a new found enthusiasm for poetry and creative performance. As well as a certificate welcoming them to the order of the Poet Guild! 

For: Youth up to 18 of all writing levels and ages. 

Value: Boost & build self esteem. Engage creative learning in your students. Cultivate confidence.

Rate:  $55 per participants/2 hour session

min. & max of 5 participants per session.

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Online Writing Retreat 2020 

For: All levels of writer with basic experience. 

Rate & details TBD
Send an email to for information on how to reserve your spot and registration.
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