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Dagmar Tricia Morgan is a performer, spoken word poet and arts educator.  She is an internationally published writer and two-time slam poetry champion who often uses spoken word as a healing mechanism.  Dagmar focuses on reaching disenfranchised youth, with a specialization in the mentorship of young women and girls.


As a poet, Morgan tackles modern life and her journey as a woman of faith, with fierce honesty. She writes as if to save her life and shares her stories just as passionately.  Her writing stretches the vast ‘in-betweens’ of life and death, abuse and betrayal and finally, redemption.


Using her personal stories, Dagmar has spoken and performed all across Canada and the U.S. Her poetry and music connect with women of all ages: exposing truths and facilitating healing.  All this, through shared experiences and real talks.

As a mentor, Dagmar is a strong believer in bringing up a new generation of empowered women and art successors. The testament to her passion and skill has been her demonstrated ability to coach young female poets to achieving champion status!


Dagmar is currently preparing her first poetry release while writing for various magazines; filming an upcoming reality TV show and reciting  award winning poetry on stages all over Toronto.  All while drinking way too much coffee!


Achievements & Special Appearances

  • Shortlisted - National Writing Prize, Profile/Human Interest Story, Word Guild 2016
  • Celebrity Judge - Standing Ovation : Gospel Reality TV Series on AfroGlobal TV 2016
  • Guest literary Judge - Fresh Ink, nationwide youth writing contest, Word Guild
  • Toronto’s Bill Brown Slam, 2013
  • The Champion of Champions, 2013
  • Co-organizer Shab-e She’r Poetry Series: Toronto’s most diverse poetry event
  • Co-organizer: SoHo House Toronto Workshop Series
  • First Runner Up: The Status of Women Award 
"Working with such a talented artist like Dagmar on my first poetry workshop was an a fulfilling experience that opened my eyes to spoken word and the immense power that words can hold. Illustrating my thoughts through metaphor allowed me to convey my true feelings though a unique medium to a group of open-minded peers who saw the value in my work. Most importantly, however, this workshop demonstrated to me that I didn't have to be afraid of writing "bad poetry" - spoken word can be shared or kept to oneself but either way, I now recognize that we all have a little poet within us. Working with Dagmar allowed me to see this and that alone, is extremely valuable to me."
-C. Navas -
Queen’s University
Dagmar is an encouraging mentor and friend. She helps you fulfill your potential in poetry and challenges you to reach untapped writing. Thank you Dagmar, for being a guide for me and creatively developing the way I think through poetry.”              
                                                  - Abigail Whitney  
            U of T, Youth participant in the Pan Am                                                 Games Youth Slam
"Dagmar Morgan has been the best coach I've ever had without ever being on her team. Her patience, dedication, attention to detail, and honest feedback are the signs of a true educator and a talented artist. I am so proud to have had the opportunity to learn from her, to share tea with her, and to share space with her. Without Dagmar, I never would have won the BAM! Youth Slam two times in a row. The poem she helped me workshop won the WOWPS Youth Slam 2016 and was performed on the WOWPS Finals Stage. As I write poetry now, I remember her mantra "show me, don't tell me", and I produce. I am confident that my career as a spoken word artist is full of potential, and Dagmar has been the only person to help me cultivate my craft. To this day I admire Dagmar for her dedication to the Spoken word community, her selflessness, and her indomitable love.” 
- Cassandra Myers 
   Two time Toronto BAM Youth Slam Winner          & 2016 WOWPS Youth Slam Winner
Dagmar allowed me to come out of my shell and transform from a quiet shy performer to a confident performer, who now competes in many local and international competitions. She sets high expectations but also inspires through her own passion for words.  
                      - Ariana Ranjbar, Grade 12,                                     Newmarket, ON
Dagmar Morgan is a poet of the real, exploring the tribulations of modern life with candour, tenderness and a unflinching faith. Her poems sing with a fierce, unapologetic determination and one senses that each word she places on the page is 'hard earned'; the grace, beauty and pain, dearly paid for. Like all poets of substance, she is unafraid to contend with the BIG subjects including, death, betrayal and abuse and she does so, with an keen eye for detail and a deep sensitivity to the contradictions and complexities of the human heart.
                                              Ian French 
   National Individual Slam Poetry Champion                                        

'Brain to Body'

'The Invitation'

'Love is Moving'