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"A recent study suggested that expressive writing may even improve immune system functioning, although it may need to be sustained for the health benefits to continue" (Murray, 2002).

A 2011 study in the Journal of Affective Disorders concluded, people with mood disorders experienced an improvement in their physical and emotional symptoms for at least four months after completing in four 20-minute writing sessions.

“...the power to heal and connect those of us who sometimes feel very alone in a world that often leaves little room for internal-reflection and re-centering of the self.”

The testament to her passion and skill has been her demonstrated ability to coach young performers to champion status. Likewise, participants of her workshops have called her curriculum “inspiring”, “life changing” and “thought provoking”. 

Her newly founded prison ministry is a project that aims to bring the healing power of her art to prisons across the continent. You can find more details about the ministry here.  You’ll discover ways to help bring her self-published, ‘Diamonds: A Strength Manifesto’ to those often forgotten by their communities, families and society at large. Dagmar hopes to reinforce the truth that all of our stories are epic, poetic journeys worthy of sharing. This form of sharing, Morgan explains, has:





From classrooms to conferences, many have already experienced the invigorating power of her words and ministry.


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Dagmar Morgan is an award winning author, two-time slam poetry champion, and speaker who uses powerful art, performance and conversation to reach audiences.


As a poet, Morgan tackles modern life with fierce honesty. She shares her stories as a woman of faith,  just as passionately. Her writing stretches the vast ‘in-betweens’ of life and death, abuse and betrayal and finally...redemption.

Using her personal stories, Dagmar speaks and performs across Canada and the U.S, exposing truths and facilitating healing.  All this, through shared experiences and real talks. 








As a mentor, she is a strong believer in bringing up a new generation of empowered women and art successors.


Stay connected. Leave inspired. 


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  • 'Digging For Diamonds' Workshop
    Grand Valley Institution for Women
    Grand Valley Institution for Women, 1575 Homer Watson Blvd, Kitchener, ON N2P 2C5, Canada


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